Barbershops in Ukraine

There are many options for haircuts in Kyiv. Each of them has their own atmosphere and different pricing.

Staff at BRAZOR are fluent in English, and they have mind games to keep you engaged. Additionally, they offer discounts for repeat customers as well as using Vidal Sassoon London techniques.


Ukraine has a rich history of barbershops. The barbershop culture has been rapidly expanding in recent years. If you’re in the market for a professional shave or a fresh haircut, there’s a Kyiv barbershop that will meet your needs.

DABORODA is located in Kiev’s Parikmakherskie zone and is among of the biggest barbershops located in the city. They offer a range of services, ranging from the exquisite volos stylistic strizhki the men’s haircut.

The barbershop in this area is the ideal option for males who are looking to have their haircut at a fair cost. The staff are well-trained, as well as they employ techniques like the Vidal Sassoon London hair cutting technique. You can also find many grooming tools.

Another renowned Ukrainian barbershop that is popular is BRAZOR. It boasts a rating of four stars and has received 206 reviews. It is an excellent alternative for people looking to cut their hair without spending thousands of dollars. The staff are real professionals and can help you style your beard, and talk about current trends in haircuts for men. They’ll also give you many helpful suggestions and tricks for making the hair you want to look stunning. You can also get a DMK Danne Hydra Face Mask, botoks Dlia vypriamlenie and narashchivanie volos as part of their offer.

If you’re looking to go out for a night then you should visit Lumberjack it’s an upscale barbershop which combines traditional services with whiskey. Hair cuts are available and beard cut at the cozy establishment in Kiev. The barbers working at the bar employ Vidal Sassoon London techniques and offer Bronze or Silver Gold card to clients who come back.

The minimalist building also features an area for tattoos, as well as beauty treatments. A local studio called Sivak&Parters could complete the interior design of the 100 square-metre store in three months.

The owner of this cosy bar is extremely creative and is able to pamper his patrons. He has a reputation for using different tricks in his bar and also tries to amaze his customers with his charm.

If you’re looking for top-quality haircuts for your hair in Kyiv, DABORODA will be your best choice. The professional service, Free Wi-Fi as well as the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere make this a top choice for those visiting Kiev to work or for pleasure. Its friendly and English-speaking staff will assist you in choosing which haircut is best for the shape of your body.

Frisor VII

Frisor is among the top barbershops in Ukraine It is a popular choice for men. Frisor offers high-end services and an elegant English decor that provides an atmosphere of luxury. Staff members have a distinctive approach to each client, while the casual and friendly setting encourages patrons to return.

Frisor provides more than hair cuts for men that are traditional. They also provide an array of other products and services, including hair wash as well as hair-care advice. Frisor also offers the best-stocked store, which has a wide selection of conditioners and shampoos that will maintain your hair’s shape.

The wide variety of Frisor’s products and services are their uniqueness. Customers are able to select among a range of designs like classic, modern, and all-in-between. The restaurant can cater to the needs of all food preferences.

Also, there are numerous offers and discounts along with promotions frequently. This is a wonderful approach to bring in new customers.

The app has another noteworthy characteristic. It allows users to download and install applications straight through the Google Play Store. The software works with both iOS as well as Android devices.

This app can be an excellent choice for those looking to cut down on transportation costs as well as save time. It is a great tool to guide you through the city. It can find your nearest train station or bus stop and also provide step-bystep directions to Frisor Barbershop. In addition, it can give live directions and assist you calculate how long it takes you to arrive at your destination.


Chop-Chop is a contemporary barbershop, with some twists. You can find it at Marshala Bazhanova Street.

This location has the most appealing thing about it: It’s affordable, convenient and accessible to downtown companies that are operating on a small budget. Access the store via foot, bus or vehicle for a vast range of hairstyles. They also have a wide selection of grooming products and offer free haircuts for the military.

Six branches are operating in Kiev and Kharkiv and many more being planned. The services they provide for hair are a recipient of numerous awards and have earned them a reputation for their top-quality service. They boast one of the best rates of client satisfaction in the city.

This is an excellent option to anyone looking to get a hair cut and shaved or for a fully-blown blow-out. The staff is friendly and the salon is spotless. The salon is also one of the biggest that is in the city and provides plenty of room for clients. They even have a kids room that offers the option of a tie and tuxedo, in addition to haircuts as well as other grooming options for kids. The store is the most prestigious one in town and you must definitely visit it in person.

Gentlemen’s Club

Gentlemen’s Club in Ukraine is for men looking to have their hair cut with a relaxing setting. The barbershop located in Ukraine is staffed by experts that are well-versed in haircuts and styling beards. It will provide you with the look you desire and they’ll satisfy all your desires.

This barbershop is located at vul Gnatiuka 12, in Lviv The barbershop has been operating since. They offer haircuts, styling beards, hairstyles, and royal shaving. Also, you can color gray hair or get it haircut to your child.

The inside of the establishment has an English design with an elegant look. It is also possible to enjoy an array of drinks while you get your hair done.

This barbershop is also part of Frisor’s chain of barbershops. The brand is unique in its tradition and values that assist barbers and their patrons to function as a team.

The brand is available across Ukraine including Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi. The brand is well-known by its top-quality goods and excellent service.

Barbershop VOSK staff is comprised of experts who can meet your needs as well as alter your haircut or beard according to your preferences. They’ll be fully responsible to your appearance, to ensure that you are able to confidently wear your new haircut or beard style and make an impression on fellow clients.

They’ll also take good care of you and ensure that your hair’s well-groomed. Your hair and you will be protected by using top quality products by the men.

One of the major reasons this barbershop is so popular is because they offer various hair care products that are specifically made for men. They aren’t just good for your hair but they’re also inexpensive.

Additionally there is a nice and comfortable environment that allows you to relax and converse with customers. It even houses a television that plays reports on sports and news reports. This is valuable for those who are seeking more information about various topics.