Furthermore, if no one is seeding, then no one can download the file. The entire group of seeders and leeches are referred to as peers. As a result, BitTorrent is referred to as “peer-to-peer” file sharing.

  • In other words, their machines start to seed that data, so other people can access and download parts of it.
  • This has resulted in numerous complaints on Reddit as well as the qBitTorrent GitHub page, with people sharing similar experiences.
  • This is usually achieved by double-clicking on the file.

Entering the Windows security options.Consequently, we will come to the Virus and Threat Protection settings section. Here we must uncheck the Real-time protection box so that it is deactivated. This way, the antivirus will stop looking for malware in the files that we download.

Related Article

Pirating movies, programs, or other files that you don’t own is illegal in most countries. Does seeding mean download is…What are the negative effects…Should you aerate before or…How does the seeding at…Where does cloud seeding occur? Seeds use something called “seed rank” to determine which should be active and which should be queued. The seed rank is determined by the number of seed cycles a torrent has completed.

As torrent websites are almost everywhere, preventing users from accessing torrents is impossible. If you set your upload limit too low then no one will share with you. If you set it too high then the upload will “take over” your bandwidth.

uTorrent 3.4.2 Beta (build 32176 (replaces and includes all fixes from 32134 and )

Hopefully, the methods you have read here is enough to improve your speed and make you enjoy using a BitTorrent again. If you don’t mind the work and want to avoid the security risk, you can always manually forward the port through the router. You should be able to see a link that says Allow an App or feature through Windows Firewall. You can find this option on the left side of your screen. If you are still using Windows XP, you need to select the Exceptions tab.

And that’s the most crucial factor that will influence how quickly your download will be completed. You need to pick the file with lots of seeders on the list of available torrents. It is considered good torrenting etiquette to allow the file to remain in uTorrent for at least a few hours after you have finished downloading it. UTorrent will now check your connection and will automatically adjust your settings if there are any problems. If your uTorrent is stuck on connecting to peers, it can be a temporary stale download caused by outdated seeders or trackers.

While this is usually the best option, many users claim that older versions are better and choose to use those instead. There will be multiple offers that appear so you’ll need to keep clicking Decline until you’ve dealt with all of them. Once you’re at the end, click the Finish button to complete the installation. Disclaimer –We do not condone the illegal use of VPN services.

Additionally, they permit users to download files simultaneously from several sources, speeding up the download process. Because they do not necessitate consumers to download another file from a server, magnet links are a practical way to download data. Using a magnet link allows users to get a file from another user who has previously downloaded it instead of downloading it straight from a server. Hackers and online criminals may deceive users into installing malicious software or infect their machines with malware using magnet links. Remember that utilizing magnet links to obtain copyrighted content is typically illegal and may result in legal repercussions. Accept it, and your uTorrent client will open the magnet link.

Private Internet Access

With all that being said, ExpressVPN does have an automatic kill switch. Furthermore, it also lets you use split-tunneling, which comes in handy especially for mobile users. When it comes to security, you can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN.

  • Once someone has created a file and uploaded it to a torrent website, it will be stored in the torrent website as a .TORRENT file.
  • When downloading your torrent that is when you’re broadcasting your IP to everyone.
  • In other words, their machines start to seed that data, so other people can access and download parts of it.

To prevent this from occurring, the server needs to be disabled while you are still downloading stuff. You can use buttons below to share this on your favorite social media Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. Android users, on the other hand, can skip the whole proxy experience and log directly into their uTorrent client using an Android app. One of the more popular apps uTorrent apps on the Android Market is Torrent-Fu.

Security issues with uTorrent

If you are not satisfied with the outcomes of Utorrent or do not require it to be installed on your system, you can easily remove it from your system. Right-click on that file and select the “Open With Other Application” option. Find ‘BitTorrent’ in the list on the right, select it and press Uninstall.

If you have a download 100% completed you become a seed. The advantage of leech seed is that you don’t have to reuse it every time unlike the “drains”. If you want a good amount of damage\HP absorbtion each time, I go with giga drain. In terms of speed, uTorrent Web is every bit as fast as uTorrent Classic. Once you’ve decided to play a video, uTorrent Web will automatically pull all available subtitles for the film.

If a torrent only has a couple seeders, you’ll probably download the file very slowly, and if there aren’t any seeders, you won’t be able to get the file at all. Many torrent sites have comments on each page, which can help you determine a given torrent’s authenticity based on what other users have written. Some directories put badges next to the uploader’s username, denoting users with good track records of uploading safe files. And, of course, https://www.babs.center/does-utorrent-have-dark-mode you should be running good antivirus software, which scans everything you download automatically. With all these points made, it goes without saying that uTorrent is, without a doubt, one of the best and safest torrent clients out there.

Instead, choose a reliable and premium VPN with unlimited bandwidth and great speeds. You should also check whether your VPN client offers dedicated P2P servers, as these are often the best VPN servers for torrenting. Of course, attention must also be paid to the VPN’s security and privacy features, such as its no-logs policy and encryption standards. And with this VPN, you also get excellent privacy and security while torrenting with uTorrent. Its no-logs policy passed 2 independent security audits and the VPN also uses RAM-only servers, meaning every reset wipes all data. You also get Threat Protection, which blocks malicious sites — so it can protect you from fake torrent sites.

  • Some even have extra P2P features like port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies.
  • It doesn’t have a huge library when compared to behemoths like RARBG, but it’s focused on TV shows, and it’s the place to find any new releases in HD.
  • For every Firewall configuration, you need to check the software’s documents to know the process.

Magnet links can be used to download large amounts of data, videos, and files from the internet with this program. Apart from magnet links, it allows you to use PEX and DHT links to download data. It is also possible to download multiple data streams at the same time. Tracking tools that track the entire download process are also included. Magnet links allow you to distribute videos, audio, files, documents, and so on. Magnet links do not require a tracker in comparison to torrent files because they use the DHT for storing peer contact information.

qBittorrent vs uTorrent in 2023: The Best & the Most Popular Torrent Clients Compared

You now have a secure, anonymous connection to the Internet. Up-to-date antivirus, malware, and VPN solutions are essential if you want to safely file share with uTorrent. While the courts have been pushing back on the use of IP addresses as the sole identifier of people, it hasn’t stopped the flow of lawsuits.

Click on the below button to start Assassins Creed IV Black Flag With all DLCs and Updates Free Download. We assume that you have already downloaded and installed the program. Consequently, it is not at all advisable to keep real-time protection disabled. But before doing so, it is necessary to create a rule that prevents you from deleting the executable of this download client. To complete this, from the section Virus & Protection Settings and protection against threats, we will move to the bottom where we find the Exclusions section.

Manual Uninstallation of Files

Moreover, mobile users are also entitled to a 7-day Surfshark free trial. To exchange https://tuclimatizaciononline.es/blog/how-to-stop-utorrent-ads files using the P2P protocol, a torrent client is required, this is obvious. CyberGhost works seamlessly with whatever you’re used to. If you have not yet decided on your final preferences, we recommend the free, reliable, and feature-rich uTorrent.

How To Open Magnet Links In Chrome

When downloading files from internet, it’s important to have an anti-virus program installed. This will protect you from any malicious app’s that might be included in torrent. To learn more, turn to our guide that explains the legality of downloading torrents. And if you wish to stay on the safe side of the law, here’s how to download torrents legally. Here are our suggestions when it comes to the best torrent sites. You’ll also want to check the best torrent search engines, for an even wider reach.

P2P NordVPN servers offer secure connections for peer-to-peer torrent sharing on uTorrent. NordVPN is the best VPN for privacy if you want to access uTorrent anonymously from any country. However, to be on the safe side, head over to the settings menu of your provider’s app to activate it. That way, you won’t have to deal with the consequences of accidental exposure when you’re downloading torrent files on uTorrent. These are the top uTorrent VPNs that you can get in today. All of them offer the security and privacy needed for downloading P2P files.

When you connect to a VPN server, anyone monitoring the sites you visit will see only the http://patsolfoods.com/does-utorrent-have-a-vpn IP address of the VPN server, not yours. Keep in mind that torrenting is made exponentially safer by using a VPN. Firefox is able to download it and prompt you to open it with torrent software but not view .magnets natively. “Speed” is the name for uTorrent’s blockchain initiative, where you can purchase extra torrenting bandwidth.

So contrary to popular impressions, there is plenty of legal material out there for download on Torrents. BitTorrent is two things, depending on how many pencils you have in your pocket protector. In technical terms, BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer platform designed to deliver large files over the web. The pro plan comes with the “secure torrenting” feature.

Monthly traffic

The first screen was a warning about scammers charging for the company’s free torrenting client. I’m not sure how this warning was supposed to help me, as I would have already paid for the free version had I downloaded the client elsewhere. There were 4 seeds for a short while at the beginning of the download before one dropped off. Despite this, uTorrent took 3 minutes and 2 seconds to download the same file, with an average download speed of 859.9 kB/s. While this download was also relatively fast, it still took more than a minute longer than qBittorrent.

  • A client like Deluge has great plugin support, allowing for extensive customization of the interface and safety features.
  • Wait till the connection is tested automatically and adjusted to the correct settings.
  • Click here to learn more about the best VPN service providers for torrenting.

If you’re downloading a movie that’s a 20 KB .exe file, your device is definitely going to be infected. But if you have antivirus software installed, you’ll be safe. Trojans are often downloaded by unwitting people torrenting computer programs, as the user is attempting to download an executable (.exe) file. In this format, it’s easy to swap out the expected program with a virus, making the potential ramifications of downloading from torrent sites quite scary.

Security protocols — both offer equal protection

Camilla, a certified MCP , has almost four years technical writing experience. Before working as a technical writer for Driver Easy, she was a technical support agent, helping people to solve their computer problems. She enjoys providing solutions to computer problems and loves exploring new technologies. 2) Under the Trackers tab, right-click on the tracker that has the connection issue , then select Remove Tracker. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want such a feature on your PC, but we strongly advise you to bite the bullet and enable it, if your VPN supports it. Now your entire traffic, including torrenting activity, is visible to your ISP.

Out of the 200ish nation states that currently exist, 168 are party to the Berne Convention – including Australia, NZ and India. There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet but only around 400 million are subject to US laws. The rest of us are subject to the laws of our own countries. What you see as criminal or unlawful behaviour in your Nation is not so in others!

But all you need to stop that annoyance dead in its tracks is ad-blocking software. Using uTorrent can be very dangerous, but there are ways around the threats. If you know how to protect yourself, you can enjoy your favorite content almost risk-free.

  • Some legitimate apps you’ll find on torrents are deliberately bundled with adware.
  • UTorrent is safe to use on Mac, but many people still http://horizon-yacht-sales.com/should-you-enable-dht-network-on-utorrent prefer using other torrent clients.
  • People who live in these countries could use a VPN to access the torrent site.
  • These include the ability to unzip files on top of being able to shut down your computer once your torrent is done downloading.

However, the files you’re downloading are never 100% safe. Some people use uTorrent to download copyrighted and illegal files from the internet. Now that we explained what uTorrent is, let’s take a look and explain what torrenting as a practice is, as many people get it mixed up. Torrenting doesn’t only refer to piracy and illegal actions online. It’s worth mentioning that torrenting allows users to upload and download different types of files using the BitTorrent network.

Download from Trusted Torrent Sites

There is a decent informative article on How To Fix Guide about ransomware, which you can attend later. Shortly speaking, such programs allow criminals to encrypt the data on your hard drive and then racketeer you for ransom. In a better case, you will get the password to decipher your data back after you pay. This is why you should always use a VPN while downloading torrent files to ensure that no government agency or internet service provider can see what you’re doing.

This service encrypts your entire network, so your ISP won’t know that you’re torrenting. In this guide, we’ll give you all the details about the safety of this torrent client and tips to make uTorrent safe. ‘VPN’ stands for ‘Virtual Private Network,’ and basically hides your true identity online by saying you’re someone or somewhere else in the world. Let’s say you’re using an unsafe torrent website with a hacked connection.

Download and install on uTorrent

Although uTorrent is much faster than other torrent software, there are still things you can do to make it even faster. After reinstalling uTorrent, launch it and check whether you were able to resolve the not responding issue while trying to download files. If none of the above methods are able to fix uTorrent not responding issue, then the last method that you can try is reinstalling uTorrent on your system.

That being said, many people are switching to downloading through torrent files. With this, your files will never be deleted by the server owner since there is no server. Each user who owns the files would to something as we called “seeding” to upload the files for other people to download. The people who downloaded the files would do the same thing and distributing the data all over the Internet. PIA allows torrenting on all its 3200+ servers in 48 countries.

So, if you’re looking for a torrenting client for Android, uTorrent is a no-brainer, simply because qBittorrent can’t match what it offers. Play both torrent files and magnet links while they download in a high-quality media player. UTorrent is a free piece of software that is used to download large files in a file sharing environment. http://dispatchnewsdesk.com/should-you-stop-seeding-on-utorrent/ The program was launched in September 2005 and was built by Luvig Strigeus and it is part of BitTorrent’s portfolio. It has 100 million users worldwide and is available in 67 different languages. There are legitimate reasons for downloading files throughTorrent.

  • Waiting 5-6 hours or more for a 1-2 GB file is often the norm.
  • It provides strong encryption as well as shared and dedicated IP addresses.
  • While it is always a good idea to only download files you’re legally entitled to, it can still be a good idea to safeguard your privacy when torrenting for legal purposes.
  • Although we cannot always avoid danger, we can try to download what we need from relatively safe sources.

If your firewall is blocking incoming connections, others will throttle you. Also, if you upload rate exceeds 80% of yout total upload bandwidth, your downloads will sufffer as you won’t be able to ACK packets fast enough. If your torrent program allows you to control your upload speed, set it at around 50% of your maximum upload bandwidth.

IP binding

Your internet IP address is changed to that IP address. © 01net.comYou’ll see that the connection is successful when the green “Connected” indicator appears in the upper-left part of the screen. You’ll find it ticks the right boxes for security and speed, featuring military-grade encryption and multiple simultaneous device support on the side.

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 2,549,776 times. If your download doesn’t have enough seeds to complete, you can increase the seeds to attempt to speed up the download or help it finish. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This website and its content are presented in general form and are provided for informational purposes only. Please seek legal advice for all topics you wish to follow on with.

Tips for Choosing the Best Torrent Client#

Enabling port forwarding improves torrenting performance by allowing you to connect to more seeds. Rather than just connecting with peers that your client finds, you can also connect with peers that find you. Both qBittorrent and uTorrent support port forwarding, so I activated it before starting my speed tests. Of all the BitTorrent clients out there, qBittorrent and uTorrent are among the most popular. – This advanced software is programmed to block new threats and malware attacks on your system in real time to protect your computer.

Once the antivirus has been run and the main menu appears, it will only be necessary to uncheck the Real-time Protection boxes so that it remains disabled. In this way, it will not analyze the downloaded files and we can download and install uTorrent with complete peace of mind. Surely when we have downloaded the EXE file from uTorrent, our antivirus will detect it as a malicious file and eliminate it, so it will prevent us from installing it. To do this, it will be necessary to disable the real-time protection of the antivirus and add uTorrent to its exceptions. These new features may add an extra layer of security to your device.

If you use it, you should learn more about it and improve its security and privacy. UTorrent has a smartly laid out interface that is easy to use. It has a menu bar on the top, while some quick access settings are present on the left. The central panel shows the downloads that are completed or are in progress. Overall, uTorrent has an uncluttered UI with most settings gathered under just a couple of drop-down menus, making it easy to navigate. Users also benefit from proxy settings which are helpful for those who are privacy-focused and use a VPN while torrenting.

Although it is not lightweight like u torrent, it can run as much as 3000 torrents at a time as it has a lot of memory. For several years it has been famous for the high-quality video content that it provides to its users. It is a bit torrent client that is owned and developed by Bit Torrent Inc. Outside China, uTorrent is a widely used Bit Torrent client with about 150 million users. There are a few key differences between utorrent and bittorrent. Utorrent is proprietary software, while bittorrent is open source.

Copyright trolls use intimidation, fear, and shame to make torrenters pay without ever going to court. A common tactic is to threaten to sue for over $100, 000 but only ask for $3, 000 or so in the settlement. That makes the $3, 000 look like a good deal, but going to court is costly and risky for them, so don’t give in if you receive such a letter. The chances of actually going to court or having to pay a settlement are pretty slim, but the penalties can be extremely high. The frequency of copyright holders suing torrenters for copyright infringement peaked in the late 2000s. It needs to have a no-logs policy, powerful encryption, good P2P support, a kill switch, and good leak protection against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks.

Malware Search Engine

Torrent clients nor torrent sites cannot protect an individual from downloading unsafe files from the web. With the traditional download process, chances are, you’ll have to start at the beginning again, washing precious data in the process. Illegal torrents are those which are available to download without the permission of the owner. Usually, these are premium content which is available to get only in exchange for money. The examples of illegal torrent file include movies, songs, music files, Ebooks, games, and software, etc.

  • This is because of torrents being in part a pirates market where anything goes.
  • I declined and it didn’t install anything on my system.
  • So you can’t use qBittorrent to download popular movies, TV shows, or video games.
  • From your browser, just type “best VPNs for torrenting”, you will get a list to pick from.

Once enough good seeders are connected, the download will begin and slowly reach the maximum speed. Once the torrent file is downloaded, double click on the file to start the download of the actual file. The download will start, and once the application is downloaded double click on the installation file to install.

The difference between uTorrent and bitTorrent

If you’re unsure of what torrent sites to use, check out this list of the best torrent sites that still work. If you’re wondering the differences between uTorrent and BitTorrent , you’re not alone! These clients are so similar that they are often used interchangeably. Find the torrent file for the game you want to download.

If you have been using the uTorrent client for a while, you might know that the torrent client is ad-supported. Although ads don’t ruin the torrenting experience, they surely slow down downloading/uploading speed. So, in this method, we will remove ads from uTorrent to increase the torrent downloading speed. Your download speeds in utorrent can only be as fast https://www.californiaeyespecialists.com/what-is-up-speed-in-utorrent/ as the upload speeds of the peers ur connecting to, to download your torrents.

UTorrent is among the most used and the best torrent to download. Using this platform you can easily download whatever you want to from the internet easily. Whereas other competitors offer many effective tools for a very less cost. Other factors that make your torrent client faster are the speed of your internet connection and the number of seeders that are assigned to your torrent . Lightweight and powerful ー The best torrent downloaders are simple apps and can be easily downloaded and installed.

ClickUp is the online https://www.topolis.se/are-utorrent-and-bittorrent-the-same/ solution to let your team get more done! Easily manage your team’s tasks from anywhere in the modern world. My understanding of the torrent process from archive.org is that it works like any other index. What I don’t understand is how uploads such as mine get submitted.

You can read our popular list of free movie streaming sites. With increasing risks of malware, spyware, and viruses infecting your device using antivirus software has become the need of the hour. Before you download any torrent file using the uTorrent client, run the antivirus software on your device. By doing so, you can reduce the risks of viruses and malware infecting your devices.

Find BitTorrent files with torrent search engines

The torrent file contains all the information of the file such as data, format, size, author etc. Torrent can be used to view, share and download various contents. I completely understand that apps need to make money but this is way beyond ridiculous. It randomly shows a Fullscreen ad that you can’t get out of. You have to hit the home button the click the app on the screen.

  • The uTorrent service is free, although you can access the Plus version with a payment involved.
  • A flash drive full of portable software is helpful to have along wherever you go.
  • So what is considered Legal or Illegal for you is NOT necessarily so for me.

A VPN privatizes your connection, running it through a proprietary private network with added security and functionality. Many options are available, with some being offered in package deals with torrent clients. Having reliable antivirus software is just good practice when surfing the web. Hackers like to hide malware inside of torrent downloads, easily infecting the users who download them. A P2P (peer-to-peer) network is a group of 2 or more computers that are connected and share resources. This kind of network can be dangerous since all the people that are downloading and uploading the same file can see your personal information.

Now, you don’t want to experience slow uTorrent download speed, but neither do the other users of the BitTorrent client. Once there, you can look for the uTorrent folder, and this is where the “.torrent” files are stored. A peer has to have a torrent file first to download a file. However, downloading items related to µTorrent may be unsafe for your Mac machine and may add junk files to the Mac. If you want to remove µTorrent from your Mac by following simple steps, read this article. We will show you how to uninstall µTorrent on a Mac completely and safely.

CleanMy® PC will not receive new features and regular updates.

R uTorrent can receive data from seeders without any firewall interference. I think I got the idea before reading this article but I would have to say you guys explained it better. When this ratio is less than one, you have not shared as much, and you are, therefore, a leecher. You should seed your torrents as long as you possibly can.

Method 5: Allow uTorrent via Windows Firewall

The NET Act aims at curbing piracy of music, video games, movies, and software. However, downloading and sharing unsanctioned copyrighted material is very much illegal, and there is always a chance of getting caught by the authorities. If the files you’re downloading are copyrighted, you might get caught if your Internet Service Provider is monitoring your web activity. You could also be subject to lawsuits from the copyright holders themselves. It is also a very well known and long known torrent download software. And users have complained of experiencing freezing or stopping while downloading torrents.

This happens with hopes that other torrenters will become scared and give up. In general, there are different consequences of torrenting, so keep on reading. On 29 May 2007, a U.S. federal judge ordered TorrentSpy to begin monitoring its users’ activities and to submit logs to MPAA. Six site administrators pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement of a pre-commercial release work. Punishments included jail time, house arrest and fines.

Some uTorrent versions and routers don’t support automatic port forwarding, so you need to forward the port manually. Copy the tracker list that you found and paste it to the end of the existing tracker list box in your uTorrent application. This will expand the connectivity of your torrent and improve the chances to find more peers. UTorrent (or µTorrent) has diversified from the traditional long-time favorite uTorrent Classic. Now , uTorrent brought other versions of their torrent client, including uTorrent Web and uTorrent Android.

I am seeding 7561 torrents no problem and it is as fast as my upload and download speeds will allow. Xunlei is a Chinese filesharing software supporting BitTorrent protocols, HTTP, FTP, and eDonkey. It is the number 1 used BitTorrent client in China and also the most used BitTorrent client in the world. Xunlei uses a technology called P2SP to speed up the download process. It features banner advertisements that can be disabled if logged in as a VIP user.

How to Stop Seeding After Downloading in uTorrent

This is done by seeding, and there are different motivations to do this. There are two popular motivations to seed, of which one is the reputation-based incentive mechanism and the other is the tit for tat mechanism. As the name reveals, the former is based on the reputation of a peer, meaning that those peers who have a good reputation will get a better treatment from the uploader. The tit for tat mechanism prevents peers from downloading content if they do not upload to the peers they download from. Leechers are those who are downloading and uploading at the same time.

In case you like to tinker with this side of software, we are sure you’re going to love what this website has to offer. It is a very simple procedure to access these torrent sites legally. A VPN will mask your IP Address with the server IP, which makes it impossible to track your activity for other users or ISP.

  • This not by any means legitimises torrenting polresokuselatan.com/what-are-utorrent-peers copyrighted material without the proper licencing and/or in countries where it is outlawed.
  • If uTorrent works properly on the new user, you can transfer all your data from the previous account.
  • This is why you should always use antivirus software while torrenting in Canada.
  • For torrenting, you have to be careful on the type of VPN service that you use.

The making available of copyrighted music files on peer-to-peer systems is illegal in Canada. While non-member states are obviously not subject to the terms set out in the Convention, they likely do have their own laws relating to copyright. Also, it’s worth noting that probably 99% or more of the world’s population reside in a country that’s a party to the Convention. As I said, illegal file sharing has nothing to do with things being overpriced; it has to do with people not wanting to pay anything at all and preferring to steal. As mentioned in the article, many Linux distributions are made available using bittorrent.

Is Torrenting Legal?#

Here, I’m using uTorrent as my chosen client on Windows. If you’re using Mac or Linux, it won’t be too hard to follow along using Transmission. Linux Tracker provides downloads to Linux distributions, both popular and low-key, and serves as a great alternative for downloading ISO files. Go to “File Share” in the bottom-bar menu to learn about your file shares. Locate your file, and record the “Download Link” and the Password information. With this information in hand, your friends can access that specific file for a limited time.

Is qBittorrent Safe? (Yes, But You Need to Follow Some Steps)

In a nutshell, your torrent download speed will be increased. How to increase uTorrent download speed is a very common question and we will try to give you proper answer. UTorrent is the most used software for downloading torrent files. Many complain that uTorrent doesn’t give them full download speed which is partially true. But to know why and how to improve the torrent download speed you need to have basic understanding of how torrents work.