More memory still feels much better to use and will run Windows well for years to come. In this category, we just wanted to find usable laptops. Our picks are for anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t spend more than $500 on a laptop. These models are good for anyone who just wants to browse the web, students who don’t need special software, and people who work at home only occasionally. If you need a more powerful laptop, take a look at our guide to the best laptops. The sihost.exe process would cause processor use to spike on some PCs without any need, and this would lead to the entire PC slowing down.

It’s very handy, but I’ve found it becomes cluttered very quickly as it has no filter controls at all. That means any documents, whether they be photos, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or even random files in some cases, can show up there. The new Start menu has taken the simplistic approach to doing an app launcher.

The Good – It’s Fast, Safe, and Secure 👍

This is a common pattern on mobile devices, where the user can both scroll left and right, as well as up and down . When done correctly, synchronous scrolling can feel very similar to real life, where we move our hands and body at the same time as we move our eyes. The wide view makes the text wider than the window, which is useful for widescreen monitors. The tall view makes the text narrower than the window, which is useful for vertical displays. If you want to change how Notepad++ looks, you can go to the View menu and click one of the options.

  • Another critical change in the latest Windows 11 update is significant taskbar improvements.
  • First, you need to check the Display Properties Applet on your computer.
  • It acts like a preflight checklist on an airline, making certain that everything is properly connected and powered before getting started.

The default view of Windows 10 Snip & SketchNext to the New button there’s an arrow that will allow you to take a snip with a time delay of three or 10 seconds. Along with delay options are basic markup functions, a crop tool, and a share option. So these were all the fixes that you could get your screenshot function to start working again on Windows 10. If you’re still experiencing trouble with taking screenshots, we highly recommend you get a third-party application for the same.

How to take a screenshot of part of your screen

If you want to bypass this, use the following hotkey combination. If you have a type cover with your Microsoft Surface device, then you can easily take a screenshot using the ‘Fn + Windows + Spacebar’ command. Asuccessful screenshot will be signaled by the screen going dim momentarily. This shortcut will also save your screenshots in the Screenshots folder within the Pictures library on your system.

Windows 11 vs. Windows 7 – Key differences

Android apps on Windows 11 should be available in preview before the end of the year, but it’s not clear when it will arrive for all Windows 11 users. Microsoft isn’t commenting on when Dynamic Refresh Rate will be available. During my first look at Windows 11, I assumed that the dark mode would eventually get better before release. Many of the dialog prompts and parts of Windows 11 are still bright white, which is jarring when Download Now you’ve specifically enabled a dark theme in the OS. Windows is also still the only major OS that doesn’t have an automatic switch between light and dark modes based on the time of day. Android, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS all have this basic feature.

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